Sharing the Good News.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Tennessee, Inc. Greater Chattanooga Chapter, as part of CEF worldwide, presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 13,000 children annually in schools, homes, recreation centers, YMCA’s, churches and many other venues.

CEF International has established ministries in countries all over the world. In 2019, over 25 million children around the world heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through CEF ministries. Established in 1937, CEF has established methods and resources that are highly effective and exciting to children in their learning about Jesus. Over the past 80 years, the teaching materials have continued to improve and are presently world renown as the premier Bible curriculum for children.

In 2001, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the right of Good News Clubs to have equal access to public schools as any other non-curricular activity. This ruling allows CEF to establish biblically based clubs, called Good News Clubs, in public schools. Most of these Clubs take place immediately after school, but can be scheduled during the day or before school.

Good News Clubs are also held in homes, community centers, churches, and many other venues. The CEF of Tennessee, Greater Chattanooga Chapter has established over 90 Clubs in 50 schools, 15 preschool facilities, several community centers and some churches in the current year.

Call or contact our office today at 423.622.1736 if you would like to become a CEF volunteer to share the Gospel with children in one of these venues.