So, what does a GNC look like?

As a result of a U. S. Supreme Court ruling in 2001, schools are open to CEF on an equal basis with any other non-curricular activity.

CEF has established after-school Good News Clubs on school premises where children can come for one hour each week, with their parents permission, and receive Biblical instruction.

Hundreds of children are given the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Good News Clubs.

Children are taught through:

  • Interesting Bible stories (Evangelistic and Christian Growth)
  • Interactive Gospel songs
  • Life-changing memorization of Bible verses
  • Intriguing mission stories
  • Exciting review games
  • Personal devotional time

Very often these Clubs are also organized in homes, community centers, churches, and parks so the Gospel can be brought to the children wherever they congregate.

The Greater Chattanooga Chapter organized 93 Good News Clubs  during the 2018-2019 school year and reached over 12,940 children reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

In Good News Clubs every teacher and worker has been trained, completed a vigorous interview process and completed a thorough background check.

Parents are invited to attend the Club if they wish.