5-Day Club

In the summer months the Gospel is taken to gathering places for children throughout the Greater Chattanooga area. These Clubs meet in YMCA’s, recreation centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, back yards, homes, preschools and other locations where children gather for five consecutive days for one hour each day.

During these clubs, children will:

  • Hear evangelistic Bible lessons
  • Hear mission stories
  • Join in with fun-filled gospel songs
  • Learn inspiring bible verses
  • Participate in exciting games and activities to reinforce their learning
  • Learn and Participate in personal  devotional time

This program uses teams of teenagers who have been trained and have demonstrated their ability to teach the materials and counsel children in the understanding of the Gospel. These teams are supplemented with adult advisors and co-workers.

5-Day Clubs begin in mid-June and continue for six to seven weeks. Teen workers must commit to training, a  background check (if they are 15 or over) and four to six weeks of working in the clubs  as missionaries to about 3500 children each year.

If you can host a 5-Day Club or you are interested in working in a Club, contact Tucker Poupard.