Reaching and Teaching Children

Child Evangelism Fellowship ® of Tennessee, Inc. Greater Chattanooga Chapter is part of the largest missionary organization in the world designed to reach children wherever they assemble. In 2022, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with over 19.6 million children and the ministry continues to expand. During that year over 6 million made professions of faith in Jesus Christ. There is a face-to-face ministry established in 198 countries currently and the goal is to have a personal ongoing presence in all 207 countries by 2024. CEF® works with churches, schools, and communities to establish a gathering of children for the purpose of evangelizing them, discipling them and connecting  them to a local Bible teaching church.

The Greater Chattanooga Chapter reaches approximately 11, 281 annually and is experiencing a rapid increase in Club attendance annually.

Call or contact the Greater Chattanooga Chapter office for additional information to determine how you or your church can become a partner in this very successful ministry.